installation - Ghosts & Other Spirits

old time - drift-ply, hardware, clock parts, 12” X 9.5” X 8”

Transplant - drift-plywood, found wood, mixed media; 19” X 17” X 8”

BJ (Big Jetsam) - drift-ply, motion-sensor operated sound, 13” X 17” X 4”

cargo - reed, plaster, mixed media, motion-sensor operated sound, 25” X 16” X 12”


At the waterfront along the SF bay & Sonoma coast, the sea worn remains of who knows what perilous voyages & ancient adventures turn up strewn along the shore, mixing with the fag-ends, detritus, & plastic bits of the Pacific trash gyre. Gina Telcocci deftly picks over the remains, & whips up concoctions that evoke shifting characters and moody states.

“Ghosts & Other Spirits” is the title of an installation at GearBox Gallery in Oakland, 2016, by Telcocci. She describes it as a “convening of some of the characters & attendants that have emerged out of my imagination”, and out of her experience of the urban/wild bay environment… Using drift-plywood collected along the East Bay waterfront, she finds scruffy suggestions of narratives and distant characters. The use of recorded, motion-operated sound combines with an odd assemblage of wall-mounted and suspended sculptural objects in this mysteriously engaging installation.

Telcocci possesses a sensibility that embraces the ordinary, beat-up, time-worn discards of previous planetary tenants. She treats her collected materials as formal elements in an aesthetic vocabulary that celebrates beauty, as well as flux, decay, and regeneration.